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Entertainment Law


Lowe & Associates is best known for its successful entertainment litigation practice. Entertainment litigation is, at its core, dispute resolution for parties in the entertainment industry. Although litigation typically involves resolving controversies in court, the firm customarily explores creative alternatives to dispute resolution whenever possible, including mediation and arbitration. Lowe & Associates handles entertainment law cases in the following areas:

  • Copyright Infringement and Idea Theft
  • Breach of Contract (Oral, Written, Implied)
  • Rights of Publicity and Privacy
  • Defamation/Anti-SLAPP


Lowe & Associates also drafts and negotiates contracts (and other documents) in the areas of television, film, music and apparel. Our expertise in litigation places the firm in an optimal position to avoid contractual pitfalls. We also offer assistance to artists and authors in securing their intellectual property with the federal government, including the United States Patent and Trademark Office and United States Copyright Office..

Business Law


Lowe & Associates’ business clients range from entrepreneurs to established corporations. The firm has handled a vast array of corporate litigation matters, from disputing business partners to sparring with corporate giants (and everything in between). Our philosophy when handling business litigation matters is to always be one step ahead of the opposition, predicting their next move before they have a chance to act. We pride ourselves on an extremely high success rate and client retention.


Lowe & Associates can assist businesses in all stages of development. We have helped clients who have only just conceived their business determine the best type of entity to form, the best state for its domicile (based on the company’s business, tax, asset protection, and privacy needs), and the optimal trademarks to register with the government. Our Los Angeles-based business law attorneys will also draft a thorough Operating Agreement to protect all of the business partners.

Intellectual Property

Lowe & Associates handles intellectual property (“IP”) matters involving in copyright, trademark, trade secrets, and idea theft. We not only secure our clients’ intellectual property through filings with USCO (for copyrights) or USPTO (for trademarks), but we continue to protect their IP interests by pursuing infringers for monetary and/or declaratory judgments. We have settled cases against major studios, networks, and distribution companies on behalf of creators and screenwriters, and have been on the cutting edge of idea theft and copyright cases, both in the courtroom and the lecture hall.

Art and Fashion Law

Lowe & Associates has handled a wide range of cases involving both art and fashion. “Art law” involves the representation of clients in the business of art (including artists, dealers, and publishers), while “fashion law” involves the representation of clients in the textile, clothing, luxury goods, footwear, jewelry, modeling, and cosmetics industries. Lowe & Associates has been a staple in both, with expertise extending to licensing, distribution, franchising, and the securing and protecting of trademarks.

If we may assist you in one of these areas, do not hesitate to contact us.

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